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We are ready to assist you! If you are undergoing an uncontested, zero disagreement divorce from your spouse and want to limit your expenses to something that is manageable however still preserve your best interest, we can help you with a. for Valdosta, GA.

If you and also your partner are in agreement on all issues included with your divorce, you are a perfect candidate for our Valdosta, GA service.

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The Porter Law Firm is here to help with your flat-fee divorce in Atlanta.

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How long does a normal divorce take?

Georgia law permits a divorce case to be completed 31 days after the defendant has been served with required paperwork. We can get a settlement agreement submitted earlier than that, however the judge is required to wait till the 31st day after service has been perfected on the defendant to settle the paperwork.

If a hearing in front of a judge is not needed however a variety of issues have to be solved, a case might take anywhere from 2 to 6 months.

A number of cases are resolved at the mediation stage or through other formal negotiations.

What is the distinction between an uncontested divorce and a contested divorce in Valdosta?

An uncontested divorce case is one in which a signed settlement agreement is submitted to the clerk's office at the time the complaint for divorce is filed.

How come my divorce doesn't qualify for your flat-fee rates?

If your divorce includes issues such as not agreeing on child custody, non-agreement over alimony or not agreeing on the division of marital items, a flat-fee divorce is most likely not an option. It is challenging to anticipate whether your case can be handled swiftly or if it will take considerably longer to complete.

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Save money with a Flat Fee Divorce

We are ready to help you through your Georgia contested or uncontested divorce. Call our at 678-710-9100 to get started.

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